Our Thoughts...

For me, Sondra, personally the trip we made had many meanings.  I wanted to do the trip to spend time with two of the people i love most in my life.  My Sisters!  I also wanted to go because it was something daring, but do-able.

I know that without my sisters there with me the trip would not have been fun...the trip would have been frightening!  It was doing it together that made it great.  It was knowing that we all had sore legs, aching feet, tired muscles, numb limbs, and blank minds too.  It was the shared experience that made it special. 

There were a couple of times that we talked of giving up, but I knew that we would not.  It was a relief to talk about it though.  I knew that we would make It!  We are determined, and we are strong.  W have always stood together and we always will. What has put together let no one come between.
(Do you see flags flying and hear violin music?)

Somewhere along the trail the journey became the most important thing in our lives.  We shared food, creek baths, tents, sleeping bags, pain, and laughs!  It was the sharing of the journey that was the best thing, the total experience.

I learned not to take water for granted!  I think my bed is the best in the world, although  was ready to get another one before we left.  My clothes are great, because they are clean and they smell good.  I have a hot shower to come home to at the end of the day, and a fridge to keep lots of food in.  There is a table and chairs for me to sit at to take my meals...and in easy chair to rest my bones. Yes I'd say life is pretty good!!

These things I have taken for granted for so long, but now I appreciate everything I have so much more. I'm sure as the memories fade I will once again take these things for granted, but right now, I still remember.

Our journey is a great memory now and I think of it as the past. I know that if I stay fit and healthy that I want to go again and share ACT TWO of the SISTER ACT!!

Sondra Hickman


At long last you are getting pictures from me. However it is only one roll because something happened to the first roll i took. My personal opinion is that George accidentally threw the package away because I had it sitting on the counter. However I do now know this as fact only feelings. I know he would not do it on purpose but thought it was an empty package.  It was rather beaten UP!  However it may turn up in the most unlikely place in some distant point in the future!

 I love you both very much and wouldn't give up our Sister Act for anything. Our trip was one I will never forget, I don't remember all the specifics now but I do remember the shared times with both of you and they are very special to me.  I ask only one thing from both of you on the next trip...DON'T LEAVE YOU EMPTY FOOD BAGS AT NIGHT FOR THE CRITTERS!!  I almost had a heart attack that first night out in the wilds. I have a very heatly respect for their terrain, as I am just a guest in their house.

May both of you experience the fond memories that I did when I looked at the pictures and read the story of the Sister Act on the Appalachian Trail!

Marsha Walling
July 5, 1995

NOTE ***
We found out that Mandy DID not pass away that was a piece of bad info, she was transferred to a trauma unit in Atlanta, and she underwent surgery and after a long hospital stay and rehab she did recover- we never got to speak to her--but we made a few phone calls and got more info~!